Enable Editable Grids in D365

Editable Grid is a feature which is introduced in Dynamics 365, it’s an inbuilt add on by Microsoft in Dynamics 365.

The Inline editing feature provided by Editable Grid is very useful in case of bulk editing within a short time period.

Editing is provided on both Home Grid and Sub Grid

Read-only grid

  • By default, when you create any custom entity or any OOB entities, editable grid is not configured.
  • By default, read-only grid is shown to the users.
  • You cannot disable read-only grids on any entity. You can choose which one to show by default i.e. either read-only or editable grid.


  To configure the editable grid follow the steps

  • Let’s make Account Entities Grids as Editable here.
  • Open Dynamics 365
  • Navigate to Settings clip_image002
  • Click on Customizations clip_image004
  • Click on Customize the System


  • Customization window will be populated, there in Solution Default Solution Expand the entities by clicking on arrow button
  • And click on Account Entity
  • To make Home Grid as Editable
  • In the right side panel it opens the properties related to the Account Entity as follows
  • Click on Controls tab on the right panel (Properties of Entity)



  • Click on Add Control, the following window will be populated, here click on Editable Grid
  • Then the properties will be shown below the Editable Grid like Modes, Types



  • Click on Add, then the properties will be added to the window as below



  • Editable Grid properties can be customized on clicking of the clip_image013 pencil button
  • Save and Publish the Customizations.
  • Navigate to Sales –Account.
  • Before these customizations, the Account Entity contains the following buttons on the Home Grid



  • After the Customizations, SHOW AS clip_image016 button will be enabled, which is having the options Read-only Grid and Editable Grid


  • On Click of Editable Grid button
  • The Grid will be enable for editing as follows


  • The cells in the table can be edited and saved by clicking on the save button top right corner of the grid.


Sub Grid as Editable

  • Open a Form Editor of Account
  • There are two ways to open form editor, one is from the settings à Entity à Forms and other one is Entity à Record à Form Editor
  • Account will be having Contact Sub Grid.
  • To make that sub grid editable
  • Open that sub-grid’s properties
  • Click on Controls à click on Add Control
  • The following panel will appear, select Editable Grid and Click on Add button


  • The Control will be added to the Sub Grid, Customizations can be done to the control in properties panel



  • Select where you want to see these changes, like web phone and Tablet


  • Click on Ok button
  • The Save the form and Publish it



  • NOTE: The link attribute between two entities should be on the selected view in the Grid view of editable Grid Properties.
  • Refresh the Record, then the Sub Grid becomes Editable as follows


  • The save functionality is same as Home Grids save functionality.
  • Editable grid also works on same security model. I.e. if user does not have write access on the record, then editable grid does not allow users to update the record.
  • Field level security works in same way in editable grid as well.

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