Enhancements in Business Rules in Dynamics 365

Business rules initially introduced in 2013 and after that enhanced these business rules .

In Dynamics 365, business rules design changed with completely new look.

Drag and drop feature introduced in new business rules design. Now you can add actions and conditions by dragging from component tab. Business rules new look as shown in below screen shot.



Business rule has new toolbar itself which as following buttons.

Add and Delete: It can be used to Add and remove actions and conditions from business rule.

Cut Copy and Paste: These buttons used to reuse purpose.

Snapshot: Snapshot button is very helpful in preparing document when these business rules screenshots in document.

Tick Mark: Check mark in the above Screen shot indicates IF or true condition and X Cross mark indicates else or false condition.

So we can drag and drop the components on both the end parts of the condition.


Business rule design area have mini map to navigate quickly part of the business rule and display the overall coding part here.

Validate button: This button appear on command bar which is used to check that business rule valid or not before publishing. If any issues in business rules, it will show error message highlighted with red color. These buttons as shown in below screen shot.


Component bar and Properties bar:

Component bar contains conditions and all actions. If you place condition or action on business rule area it will configure its properties using property tab. Components and Properties tabs as shown in below screen shot.

Component bar:


Properties bar:




Recommendation is new Action in Business Rules. It is helps in recommending a field value to the users based on condition specified and avoiding data entry errors. Let’s see below example

If you select category as standard, you will recommend lower credit limit.

Navigate to business rules in two ways one as follows

Navigate to settings –> customizations —> customize the system expand required entity and then select Business Rules. Other one is open required entity form then click on Business Rule button on top of the ribbon bar.

Select default condition fills the following properties then click on Apply button as shown in below screen shot.


Drag and drop the Recommendation Action next to condition and configure its properties as shown in below screenshot.


After fill the following details click on Apply button. Click on Recommendation new Action in business rule design area and configure its properties and click on Apply button.as shown in below screen shot.


After completion of business rule, click on Save button and click on Activate button as shown in below screen shot.


Go to Account entity and open any one record to check this example. If you select Category field as Standard then exclamation mark appear next to the Credit Limit.

This recommendation Action like field Settings “business recommended” but business recommended indicates with +Sign and it does not provide any additional information for that.

Click on this mark show recommended notification click on Apply button to set data. As shown in below screen shot.


After click on Apply button, value set to field as shown in below Screen shot.


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