Inventory Management in D365 Field Services

Inventory management in D365 Field Services manage inventory updates and stock history across locations including warehouses, depots and trucks. It provides real-time updates to ensure accurate inventory including the ability to reorder directly from Dynamics 365.

With Inventory Management, it’s possible for all timely repairs by technicians with the right parts and with fast, easy replacement build customer allegiance and referrals. Technicians can make online requests and receive email notifications on what was approved, denied or on back order. With an inventory tracking function technicians can quickly see an overview of the existing items and their current inventory levels, this ensures what should be reordered from the suppliers.


Capabilities of Inventory Management:

  • The inventory management system provides the ability to maintain accurate measure of inventory/spare parts across regions before placing inventory orders.
  • Monitor and reorder stock based on prior projected usage.
  • Automatically tracking inventory levels with each delivery or following a service call or appointment can also help to improve operational efficiency.
  • Identify defective, outdated or unnecessary parts to improve quality and reduce costs.
  • The system provides a method to technicians to request parts which gives the ability to manage part requests with a link to work order and provides supplier part order information.
  • Preserving enough inventory to handle future demand without placing unnecessary strain on storage spaces and Multi-Warehouse/Office Capability.
  • The inventory management allows managing part details like extensive serial number, warranty schedules, attaining cost and setting maximum and minimum inventory levels.
  • Inventory management has the ability to reorder on an emergency basis while technicians are on field.

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