Gmail Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Email Router configuration in detail steps:

Step 1:

  • Install the “Email router Configuration Manager” in your Machine.


Step 2:

  • Open Microsoft Dynamics online CRM


Step 3:

  • Click on main à click on settings à Email configuration à


Step 4:

  • Click on Email configuration settings.
  • Click on Email tab
  • In “Process email using” option select “Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Email Router” from drop down.
  • In server Profile remove Microsoft Exchange online.
  • Keep Incoming and outgoing email as “Server side synchronization or Email router”.
  • Press ok.





Step 5:

  • Click Mailboxes




  • Click on “Regarding “of logged CRM user in My Active mailboxes




Step 6:

  • Give your “Gmail id” as primary email id to the user that you have logged in and save it.



Step 7:

  • After saving Click on Administration in the same window and click on mail id in Mail box.



Step 8:

  • A new windows opens Remove Microsoft Exchange from Server Profile drop down in Synchronization Method.
  • Save it and Approve email, press ok.
  • Now open email router configuration manager




Step 9:

  • Create Incoming and Outgoing profiles in “Configuration Profiles” Tab.



  • Click on Configuration Profiles.
  • Click on New. 
  • Give Profile Name: (Ex: Nik Incoming)
  • Set Direction as Incoming.
  • Select email server type: POP.
  • Authentication type: Clear text
  • Give Gmail email server “” in Location.
  • Give Gmail password.
  • Click on Advanced tab.
  • Set network port as 995 and select the check box.
  • Click ok.
  • Click publish.



Step 10:

  • Create Outgoing profile.



  • 1. Click on Configuration Profiles.
  • Click on New.
  • Give Profile Name: (Ex: Nik Outgoing)
  • Set Direction as Outgoing.
  • Select email server type: SMTP.
  • Authentication type: Clear text
  • Give Gmail email server “” in Location.
  • Give Gmail email Id.
  • give password
  • Click on Advanced tab.
  • Set network port as 587 and select the check box.
  • Click ok.
  • Click publish. Note: Port number of Gmail SMTP (465/587).






Step 11:

  • Now Create Deployment in “Deployments” Tab.
  • Click on Deployments
  • Check on new
  • Select “Microsoft Dynamics CRM online”
  • Give Organization Unique name: How to get Unique Name?



  • In online CRM Click on Main –> settings customizations—> Developer Resource




  • Enter Online CRM Login User ID
  • Type password
  • Select Incoming Configuration profile as Incoming from dropdown.
  • Select Outgoing Configuration profile as outgoing from dropdown.
  • Click ok 10.Publish.


Step 12:

  • Click on “Users, Queues, and Forward mailboxes” Tab.
  • Select Created Deployment “” from load data.
  • Click on Load data.Here it will load all the users, Queues and Mailboxes from online CRM
  • Select the user which we have configured in Online CRM.
  • Click Test Access
  • A pop-up windows appears and display “incoming Status: succeeded” and “outgoing Status: Succeeded”.
  • Finally Click on publish.



    • Now Email Router Configuration has been done for Gmail For Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 online.
    • Now create a contact along with email id in Online CRM and send an email.

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