Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be personalized according to user’s requirements and preferences. For instance user can the set the login page to their preference as soon as they login in to the CRM. Many such options can be personalized such as Email, currency, date etc..


  • By clicking on options a window appears as below:



  • Default Pane: User can set the default page after logging into CRM. For example one can set as SALES from the drop down.
  • Default Tab: User can set the default tab for the selected pane. For example Accounts.
  • Records per page: Select the maximum number of records per page ranging from 25 to 250.
  • Advanced Find Mode: By default every time user open the query details are hidden. To see the query details every time, select Detailed.
  •  Time Zone: Time Zone can be set according to users region.
  •  Currency: Select the default currency value for every financial transaction.
  • Support High contrast Settings: By enabling this it increases the contrast levels of CRM display.



Synchronize Microsoft Dynamics CRM items or with Outlook Exchange

  •  Filters: Synchronization between CRM and Dynamics CRM for outlook to choose the records.
  • Synchronized Fields: Synchronized fields can be viewed between CRM and Dynamics CRM for outlook.

Manage your offline filters and take your information offline in CRM for Outlook

  •  Offline Filters: A set of data can be chosen to work with whenever user goes offline with dynamics CRM for outlook.





  • Default calendar: A default day, month, year can be selected for a calendar view.
  • Start and End Time: Start and end time has to be chosen to indicate the availability.








Current Format; Shows the current region and its formats for Number, Currency, Time, and Date.


Customize: Select this option to add new formats to Number, currency, Time, Short and Long date.


Email Template



Create and modify personal email templates: Create a New email template with a new date and signature, So that a user doesn’t have to enter repeatedly the same information whenever user sends an Email.




Select whether other users can send email for you: Enable this to allow other Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to send email on your behalf.

Caution: If a user choose this option, other Microsoft Dynamics CRM users will be able to send email messages with or without your knowledge that display you as the sender.

Select the email messages to track in Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Select the email messages that automatically get tracked in CRM.

  • All Email Messages.
  • Email messages in response to CRM email.
  • Email messages from Leads,Accounts and contacts.
  • Email messages from CRM records that are email enabled.


Automatically create records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Select this option to allow CRM to create leads or Accounts automatically from the information in tracked email messages.




Select your error notification preference: Choose an option, as the error reports that occurs are shared with Microsoft for the improvements of products.

  • Ask me for permission to send an error report to Microsoft.
  • Automatically send report to Microsoft without asking me for permission.
  • Never send an error report to Microsoft about Microsoft Dynamics CRM.



Select the language you prefer to see Microsoft Dynamics CRM displayed in:

  • Base Language: It is set during the installation of the CRM once it is set up it can’t be changed.
  • User Interface Language: Choose the language that has be displayed for labels and dialogue boxes in the CRM user interface.
  • Help Language: Select the language for help.


Finally Click on OK

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