Adding documents as a subgrid on the form in MS CRM

 MS CRM document SharePoint streamlines the business process and the advantage of this feature is it provides an easy to share the documents with resources in the organization with those who don’t have access to MS CRM.

 Download the javascript file from here.

1.Choose any entity and open the form editor.


  2. Select ‘Forms’ and click on ‘Account’ to open the form editor


3. Click on one column (1 Tab) and double click on tab to open Tab Properties.


4. Enter the Name and Label and then click on OK


5. Select the section under SharePoint Documents and Click to add IFRAME.


6. Enter Name and URL (Copy the Name text) then click OK to add IFRAME


7. Click on “Form Properties” .


8. Click on add and select the script file, then click ‘add’.



9. Select the added script file and click “Edit”.


10. Replace the word ‘Documents’ in the editor with the text copied from IFRAME name field then click OK. And copy the function


11. Click on “Add”


12. Paste the function name copied from the source editor and click OK.


13. Click OK


14. Save and publish the form.


15. Go to advanced find and select the entity for which IFRAME was added and then open any record from the list.


16. Documents added will be displayed in the grid shown in the figure


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