How Sales Organizations use Technology to Drive Service Industry and Financial Revenue in one Platform

Technology is constantly evolving, and businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology to run their businesses efficiently. Indeed one of the area which has a greater impact of technology is sales. Now a days sales organizations are exploring their way towards productivity and profitability by leveraging social platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook...), cloud based technologies (Salesforce, Microsoft Azure..), mobile platforms and sales force automation tools.

Considering the above developments in sales and service industry, MTC has unveiled TotalServ Pro (TSP), an all-in-one service business solution that helps companies to easily access customer data via cloud, mobile devices and unified user interface thereby allowing them to create personalized customer experiences for nurturing long-term customer relationships and driving sales growth.


How TSP Manages to drive Service Industry?

Most of the service industries today spend 70% of their time in scheduling resources and estimating the project budget. They are heavily dependent on different systems for maintaining the sales force automation and project management which in turn causes lots of errors (all of which reduce productivity and profitability). MTC’s answer to this peculiar scenario is TotalServ Pro.

TotalServ Pro (TSP) enables sales organizations to deliver service projects more productively and profitably. It allows the customers and employees to engage through their medium of choice with the end-to-end project management process. TSP provides single system for a project based work.

TSP brings effectiveness of Forecast at the Opportunity and Quote level for tracking the time, managing resources and estimating the budget for the project during sales process itself by giving the analysis between the customer and actual budget, which will in turn have less chances of rejection of projects at the quote level. TSP exhibits a consistent process planning, managing and measuring the performance of each project. By consolidating sales flow and project management, services can be delivered more predictably, and repetitive manual processes streamlined or automated.

How TSP manages to drive Financials?

Most service organizations use different systems for tracking financials (purchasing, revenue, and inventory) which is difficult to implement and maintain. TSP overcomes such complexity by maintaining all in one ERP solution.

TotalServ Pro allows you flexibility to manage orders and invoices in a process that fits your business needs. On a single screen, you can create an invoice, calculate sales tax, print or email it, and then post it, so that your customers can pay you with equal ease. Apply checks, cash, or credit cards for payments in a simple one step process. Recurring invoices automatically sends invoices to customers.

TSP is integrated with Accounting that has the supply chain management and Inventory. With purchasing you can enter a PO voucher, post the voucher and print a check. And your Inventory is controlled and financially monitored with TSP so that all inventory items are tracked in detail in the TotalServ Pro’s Inventory Master with pricing and location defined.

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