Creating Report Snapshot and Scheduling for MSCRM


Snapshot contains layout information of a report and results were retrieved at a specific point of time. Report snapshots are processed on a schedule and then saved to a report server. When you select a report snapshot for viewing, the report server retrieves the stored report from the report server database, and shows the data and layout that were current for the report at the time the snapshot was created. It’s a pre-Executed report


The schedule defines a date and time that will be used to trigger a subscription for report delivery. There are many different ways to deliver a report such as via email, shared folders, or subscriptions in specific format like word, pdf and Excel etc. Scheduled report information will be saved in report server database. We can schedule a report on daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis etc.

Why Scheduling

SQL Server Reporting Services subscriptions are an easy way to automatically run and deliver SSRS reports. We can schedule reports to run at a regular interval and deliver to file share or an e-mail to specified users. We can schedule report snapshots to be run during off-peak hours; this can reduce the load on your database servers. Besides reducing the load on database servers, can store multiple versions of report snapshots to archive reports at a particular point of time for later analysis of data, for example monthly, quarterly, yearly reports, etc. With Scheduling, a report can be sent to number of users at a specific time and in specific format.

Steps to create Report Snapshot:

Let’s consider an existed CRM report “Account Details” as shown in below screenshot.

1. Select the required report for which snapshot to be created then click on “SCHEDULE REPORT” button on top.



2. Here it takes to a wizard were we need to follow few steps.

There will be two options:

i. On demand

This option allows us to run report manually at any point of time.

ii. On a schedule

This option allows us to run “on a schedule” basis. In our scenario we select this and click on Next.


3. Now this page has options like when to run the report “Once”, every “Hour”, “Daily”, “Weekly” or “Monthly” on a specific point of time. As shown in screenshot, schedule the report on monthly basis to run on 1st day of every month at 11AM.

Then click on “Next”.




4. It takes to next page were we need to select “Start date” as from when to start running the report and in order to stop scheduling “End Date” have two options to specify the “End on” date or if it need to continuously run select “No end date” and click on Next.



5. If the report has parameters, need to select them here. For this, you could edit the filter and click on Next.




6. Use date parameter such as ‘Last x days’ that will of course be respected for each subsequent snapshot.



7. A final review will summarize the selections. Click on create.




8. Now Report Snapshot created with timestamp.



1. As soon as the snapshot created if try to run the report it will throw an error. It will run for the first time at scheduled date and time.

2. Report shows the same data when it was run last time till it runs for next time.

3. If any changes done to original report it won’t reflect to Snapshot, need to delete and create new one.

Steps to Schedule E-Mail Subscription for Report Snapshot:

1. In order to set up the email schedule, need to navigate to the CRM report server and select the organization.

Usually snapshots will be available in folder “Custom Reports”.


2. Hover over snapshot report to see dropdown menu and select “Subscribe”.


3. If we are creating subscription for the first time need to select “New Subscription” else if we have an existing subscription need to “Edit” or add multiple subscriptions.

As shown in below screenshot need to provide all information for report delivery like To, Cc, Bcc, Reply-To, Subject, Priority, Comments and select Render format from dropdown like pdf, word and excel etc. If we check “Include Link” only CRM users can access.


4. Click on “Select Schedule” button to schedule the email.

Report snapshot was created to run at 11:00 AM, now choosing to send the email at 11:02AM. First snapshot will execute, once snapshot execution completed based on that report scheduling will work if report processing time is more than this time difference the report scheduling will fail, for this we need to give time difference to report snapshot and scheduling the email.

select end date also, if necessary.

Click Ok.



  • If any additional logic implemented in report and deployed in CRM. The change will not be reflecting in scheduled report because this report retrieves data from the report snapshot that was created before logic changes done.
  • SSRS Report E- Mail subscription is not possible in online CRM.
  • In Report Delivery options, can’t populate CRM user’s email address dynamically to the required email receivers if backend SQLSERVER has version 2008R2 and below, but this was introduced in SQLSERVER 2012 Enterprise version as ‘Data-Driven subscription’ functionality.

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