Age Calculator (Date Time Operations)

Date Time Operations provide Additional functionalities to find

· Age Calculation provide exact age include years, months ,days, hours, minutes, seconds as Age Descriptor.

· Age Calculation In Terms of Years, Months, Hours, Days, Minutes and Seconds also Available.

Age Calculation:

For execution four input properties and one output property is required

Input Properties: 
1. Field with Date Type as first Input parameter to take date.
Output Properties:
1. Field with Whole Number Type as first Output parameter to set Years.
2. Field with Whole Number Type as second Output parameter to set the number of Months.
3. Field with Whole Number Type as third Output parameter to set the number of Days.
4. Field with Whole Number Type as fourth Output parameter to set the number of Hours.

5. Field with Whole Number Type as fifth Output parameter to set the number of Minutes.

6. Field with Whole Number Type as sixth Output parameter to set the number of Seconds.

7. Field with String Type as seventh Output parameter to set the All Above Parameters as Single String.

Execution Steps of Workflow

· Write the Source code and register the dll file using plugin registration tool.

· Go to “Processes” Entity and create new process by clicking on NEW. 


· Enter Process Name, Select category as Workflow, Select Entity on which you wish to fire and Check Type as New blank Process. Click on Ok.

· Check “START WHEN”, this decides when your workflow should fire.


· Click on Add Step, select your workflow.

· Add another step “UPDATE RECORD” for output to display. This displays the output when the record is updated.


· Now Click on Set Properties to set input and output properties.

· Activate the Process by clicking on “Activate ” button

· Select the required entity and fields and then click Add then OK.


· Select the field which displays output and set workflow into it by clicking on entity fields and click add and then ok.


· This completes the setting of input and output properties.

· Now go to entity forms and provide input values and click on save.

· Check into system jobs entity to know whether the workflow got succeeded or not.

Solution for Age Calculator Download from here    Download

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