Quick Ways to Improve Project /Resource Management to Financials in Dynamics CRM

In today’s fast-paced technologically advanced world, initiating any comprehensive project of sufficient complexity and scope, managing the resources and their utilization, project planning and control over the tasks is a key for your company performance. Organizing and planning your resources and looking forward will help you manage your business pro-actively and act on time when necessary.

TotalServ Pro manages all aspects of projects data, crucial management from sales through project Staffing, project delivery and invoicing. With the real time data even in the most complication phase of your project you can balance resources more efficiently and can enhance the productivity in all aspects.


TSP focuses on these areas for improving Project /Resource management to Financials

Project Planning & Management: Project planning is the essential part that requires planning and management in order to achieve  a desired outcome. It enables sales and project managers to associate on the work proposed and visualize on the cost and duration.  Create and plan projects more efficiently with pre-defined templates, which allow users to quickly view the current project status, including project duration and milestones as the project evolves.

TSP has all the project planning and project management aspects covered through its unique, transparent and modern features as explained below.

  • Project Gantt: Through project Gantt, managers will get a complete view on the resource utilization and percentage completion of projects.
  • Top View Scheduler: Scheduling gives managers the required visibility to exception management of jobs/projects and resources across the entire company.
  • Task Board: It helps managers to track the transition of a job/project from initiation to completion. Idisplays current status of the task of a project.
  • Percentage Completion: It gives the percentage completion status of the project so that managers and clients can be notified about the progress of the project.
  • Time entries: Time Entries will allow resources to post their work time for each job task assigned, based on which consolidated cost can be generated.
  • Budget Notification: During the project execution phase management can be notified on the current budget so far generated on the project.
  • Financials Reports/Dashboards: In TSP a sophiscated EOS scorecard automatically calculate financials, operational and activity based metrics

Resource Management: It is an essential tool for project managers that provides visibility in to the resources, based on the availability, cost and skill setwhich is utilized in to the project work. And balances resource workloads across multiple projects, by effective employee time and task allocation.

Enables managers  to allocate resources: Once the project plan is completed, resources should be assigned to the projects before it starts. Workforce should be permitted to play an important role in scheduling resources by proving full transparency and deep insights based on the project needs.

  • Human Resources is integrated with TotalServ Pro to track all the required information related to a resource that helps you to organize in a project planning.
  • Resources can be defined as Internal and External to complete a task in a project.
  • In TSP external resources doesn’t require any access to CRM to post their Timesheets, Expenses and views their daily tasks. They can access all these by logging in to Resources Portals in the website by cutting down the cost on the user licensing. Eventually based on the price appended to each individual resource billing will be generated.

Team Collaboration: Project Gantt, percentage completion status and resource utilization in TSP helps project managers to achieve team collaboration.

Eventually Managers  will have a complete Financial overview based on the out- of -box Reports and Dashboards. It provides ability to track all the projects financial metrics for complete perception of project profitability.

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