Get Record Count in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Get Record count is a tool   Download from here.

This tool run under the windows operating system, this tool is used to get the record count of the Dynamic CRM entities. Using this tool we can find

1) Total Record Count Of the entity

2) Owner wise Record count of the entity

3) Status wise record count of the entity

Why we should use this Tool:

The advantages of this tool are

  • Status wise count
  • Owner wise count
  • Total count

 Total Record count: To know the record count of the entity Go to advanced find and we can see the count of the entity at left bottom corner. But if the count exceeds to 5000 it will show you 5000+, at that situation this tool will help you to give you the Total record count.

Status wise count: Status wise count means, every record will have status in the entity. If user wants to know the status of each records that were present in the entity there is no proper way to get it. So in this scenario this GetRecordCount tool is developed to get the status wise record count.

Owner wise Count: For each and every record there will be an owner for the particular record. If user wants to know the owner wise count it will be a long procedure to find through CRM, so this tool is developed to get the count easily.

This tool also provides one more feature; simultaneously user can get the source and destination CRM count also. That means whenever user wants the count difference between two CRM s it is obtained by using this tool. Generally while doing migrations it is very helpful to know the amount of data migrated.

How to use the Tool:

In order to get the count first user need to login to the CRM. One needs to login with the credentials of CRM .Initially user needs to select the choice of the count to display, for only single CRM or for Source and Destination CRM. If user want to get the single CRM count select “single CRM” radio button or if user want source and destination CRM count select “Source and destination CRM” radio button.


  • After successful login a popup window appears as below.


In this window there will be three check boxes “Total count”, ”Owner wise count” and “Status wise Count” .Count will be generated by selecting all the check boxes or else a single checkbox is selected in order to generate count or two checkboxes simultaneously.

The entity choice Dropdown has two options “Selected Entities” and “All entities”.


If “All Entities” option is selected, count for each and every record count will be generated in the CRM. And if “Selected Entities” is selected and by clicking on Get Count button another popup window will be open to select the entities of user choice..


  • Select the entities of user choice and click on OK button.
  • After the count is generated a message is displayed below as “Get Count” button.



A popup window with an excel sheet is opened which contains record count. For each type of count it will generate separate tab.


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