How to Edit Bulk Records in D365 Portal?

Usually, editing of bulk records in D365 Portal is not supported. But, MTC has come up with a solution for helping its clients to overcome this problem. For this, a Bulk Edit button is placed on top of the records view. If you want to edit two or more records, you have to select the target records from the records view and click on Bulk Edit button. A window pops-up and allows you to select and edit the field on the records.

For instance, let’s go the records view in a sample D365 portal and select few records and click on Bulk Edit button.

A window pops-up from which you can select the field to be edited. For example, let’s take “Assigned To” field and edit it.

From the look up window, select a name other than that was assigned initially.

Here, let’s assign it to “Uzziel” so that all the records will be assigned to that name.

Likewise, you can edit other fields as desired using the Bulk Edit button.

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Said on 12/17/2018 6:27:09 AM
Hi, I am having a similar kind of this requirement. Please suggest me how it has to be done.
Diksha Sharma
Said on 6/12/2018 9:08:04 AM
I want the "How to Edit Bulk Records in D365 Portal?" code to include in my customization.

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