Field Level Security In Dynamics CRM

Introduced In:

  • Field Level Security(FLS) was introduced in MS Dynamics CRM 2011, but works on Custom fields only. Later on, it’s working fine with OOB fields too.

What Is FLS:

  • Providing security to important data by giving access permission to the users of CRM
  • Restrecting some fields to access some users is FLS, i.e, if an Entity is needed to an Employee as well as a Manager in a company, but Employee has to access only required data.
  • Thus, FLS is implemented to give restriction to users, like Read,Update,Create.
  •  FLS is applied to, the fields which are having Field security as enabled.
  • There are three types of field securities, EnabledDisabled, and Not Applicable.
  • The fields which are having field security as Not Applicable, are not valid for FLS.
  •  Restrictions for boolean fields , only Create and Update can be done but not Read, cause boolean attribute to be either YES/ NO or TRUE/ FALSE.
  • And for Option Set fields, Create, Update, and Read securities can be given when their default value is unspecified.
  • System Administrator can access all data, and can provide securities for different users

Behaviour when retrieve and Retrieve Multiple

  • When trying to retrieve a secured field, it doesn't throw error but shows the value as null

Behaviour for Create or Update

· When programmer create or Update secured data using codding, it throws an error like, Doesn't have sufficient permissions.



Steps to Implement Field Level Security:

· Choose the field to which the Field Security has to be applied , then check whether the field security is enabled or not, if not enabled click on the field and change field security to enabled as follows.

· Go to Settings –>Customize the system


Choose the entity in which FLS has to apply, and click on fields as shown in fig.













How to Enable Field Level Security :


  • Double click on field it will open the filed properties window as follows , in that change the Field Security to enabled.



  • Be sure that field security has to be enabled


  •  clip_image009Save and clip_image011publish, if any changes done.
  • After Enabled the Field Security the field showed on the form as follows.


How to Configure the Field Security:

  • Go to Settings –>Security –>Field Security Profiles



  • Click on clip_image018


  • Click on clip_image018[1]New opens following window, and give a name to the profile, and clip_image022save it.clip_image024
  • After the save action Click on Field Permissions


  • Select the field to which FLS has to apply,


  • Change the permissions for the actions and click on ok


  • Click on clip_image031Users to add restricted users for this filter, Click on clip_image031[1]Add


  • Select user and click on add


  • Click on clip_image036save and Close
  • Open CRM with the user, to whom the field security profile is added.
  • Open the entity, which contains the FLS applied field.
  • Thus, the user can not be read, update and create as per given permissions.
  • The field will be shown as password field like dotted data

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