Using Custom workflow creating Product Lines in the Sales Process

 Using CRM Out of box functionality, the user will create opportunity,quote, order and invoice and their respective products lines has to create manually. we can automate this process by using Custom workflow.

This Custom workflow helps in, on creation of opportunity, opportunity details will be created. on creation of quote, quote details will be created, on creation of order, order details will be created and on invoice creation, invoice details will be created.

   Download Custom workflow Product Line solution from here.


Installation Process:

  Please download the Product Line solution and import into CRM.

Process of using this custom workflow:

   Create workflow for each entity as mentioned below and this workflow will trigger on creation or update of below entity.

  • Opportunity
  • Quote
  • Order
  • Invoice



Please enter input parameter details mentioned in the below screenshot.

  • Product Name: Name of the product.
  • Product: Selected Product for the Product Line.
  • Unit: If Product is assigned, a valid Unit for the product must also be assigned.
  • Price per Unit: Unit price for the Product Line.
  • Quantity: Number of Units .
  • Opportunity ID: The ID of the parent Opportunity (or Quote, Order or Invoice).



Execute workflow on creating new record,a product line is created to this record with given input values .(Opportunity,Quote,Invoice,Order).

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