Product Catalog in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Product Catalog in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A product catalog is a collection of products and their pricing information.

To set up pricing, you need to define the units in which your products are sold, the amount to charge for each unit, and the discounts you want to offer based on volume purchased.

The New features in Dynamics CRM 2015 include extended functionality in the product catalogue.

Product Families

A product family lets Group and categorizes products, making it easier to manage them.

Create Product Family

1. Go To Settings--->Product Catalog

2. Click on Product catalog, Choose Families Products.


3. To Create a Product family, Click on Add family.


4. Type the information on form, Product Name and Product ID is mandatory.

5. You will notice Parent field is blank as this Product family will be the parent for other product families.

6. Finally Click on save.


Create Child Product Family

1. Select the Parent Product Family Click on the on the Product name and icon.


2. Then Click on Add Family Button.

3. Give Information on form Product Name and Product ID Is mandatory.

4. The parent field is populated with the Product Family which you highlighted in the Product List.


5. Click on Save.

6. Hierarchy icon is now visible on the Product list.

Create Product

Creating the Product for product families follow the below steps:

1. Select the Product Family in Product list.

2. Click on the Add Product Button.


3. Give information on the product form Product Id and Product Name, Unit Group, default unit is mandatory.

4. The parent Field is populated with the product family which selected in product list.


5. Click on save.

Create a Bundle

Encourage customers to buy more products instead of a single product by combining products in a bundle.

  • Select the Product Family in Product list.
  • Click on the Add Bundle Button.
  • Give Information on Product form give the required field details.
  • The parent Field is populated with the product family which selected in product list.
  • Click on save.
  • Click on the + sign by the Bundle Product selection and select the product to be added to the bundle.



Fill in your information. Use the handy tooltips as a guide.

  • Bundle. The bundle you're adding the products to is selected by default.
  • Product. Choose the Lookup button and select a product you want to add to the bundle.
  • Quantity. Choose the quantity of product you want to add to the bundle.
  • Required. Choose whether this product is required or optional. If you select a product as optional, you can sell the bundle without the product.
  • Unit. Select the unit in which you want to sell the product.

To View Hierarchy

· Go to Product List, select a Product Family and click on View Hierarchy button.


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