Automatic Lead assignment to Sales team

In general business scenario sales team will deal with the number of persons who visits their web site and a sales coordinator will assign the distribution of leads to sales team. Handling of all web visitors using manual process is very hectic and we may miss some leads to contact them.

To make this an automation process we have solution for this.

Follow the below procedure for automation of Lead assignment to sales team

Step 1Download the solution from here.

Step 2: Navigation for importing the solution is Microsoft Dynamics CRM à settings à solutions à import

Step 3: Click on Next until it imports successfully.


  • On creation of Lead a Lead number will be generated automatically. Then refresh the form.
  • For this we have written a custom workflow which fires on the creation of Lead.




  • Based on this Lead number will do some internal logic calculate with total number of sales person and assigns these sales person to that Lead as a owner.
  • There will be ‘n’ number of sales persons will be there. Based on the Lead number these sales persons will be allotted as a owner to different leads.




This solution will reduce the burden on the sale coordinator. Whenever leads will get created then it will assign to the sales team as owner. So, for the Lead the particular sales person will be responsible so in this way sales will be more traceable and easily manageable.

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