Restarting Dynamics 365 Portal

Reason to restart the portal:

If we made any changes Portals section as per the below screenshot content in the Dynamics 365 that changes are not reflected instantly on to the portal so in order to reflect the changes that we made in the CRM instantly on to the portal need to restart the portal .Otherwise it will take time to reflect the changes on to the portal.


Procedure for restarting the portal:

Logon to it will directly redirect to home page if we are opening the URL in the same browser where Dynamics CRM is opened. If we are using different browser then it will redirect to login page.

  • Login page looks like below


  • Provide CRM credentials and click on sign in. It will redirect to home page this page looks like below.


  • Click on Admin tab it will redirect to admin page.


  • Click on Admin centre and select Dynamics 365 tab it will redirect to Dynamics 365 Administration centre page.


  • Select APPLICATIONS it will show all the applications available for that Dynamics CRM.


  • Select your application with this it will show the Manage button for that application.


  • Click on Manage button it will open the Portal Details page.


  • Click on PORTAL ACTIONS available at the left side. It will show all the actions available for that particular portal.


Here click on RESTART tab and again click on Restart with this process the portal will restarts successfully.


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