Registering and creating invitation for Dynamics 365 Portal

Users can access portals by signing into the Portal. Users are stored in Dynamics 365 in the form of Contacts. Customers are invited to the Portals by Invitation method. Upon creating and account / redeeming an invitation, they can manage their own profile.

Registering into Portals:

  • To Configure Dynamics 365 portals in CRM, Please refer the below link.

  • https://[Portal Name]
  • It will redirect to the home page of that portal and Home page looks like below




  • Here click on sign in tab .It will open sign in page. This page contains Links like Sign In, Register, Redeem Invitation
  • If you already have an account than click on Sign In and login with your credentials. If you don’t have account then click on Register link. If you have any invitations then click on Redeem Invitations Link
  • Sign in page looks like below\



  • Here enter user name and password and click on Sign In button. If your credentials are matched then it will redirect to the home page the home page appears like below



  • If you don’t have an account then click on Register tab and provide all the requisites
  • If you already have an invitation code then click on Redeem Invitation. There you have to enter the invitation code that you

     have and click on Register button. It will redirect to the Register page

Procedure to create an invitation code:

  • Using Invitation code we can invite new contact by providing an invitation code. With the help of this invitation code he can register.
  • Navigate to Settings –> Process, This page will looks like below



  • In this page select the Send Invitation process it will open the process the page as shown below.



  • Click on deactivate. After deactivation the page will looks as below
  • Here Select the Create an email to act as an email template set properties,It will open the following page



  • Make From and To address as shown in above then click on Save and Close and then Activate the Workflow.
  • In this step navigate to following path
  • Sales –> Contacts here select the contact and click on Create Invitation tabClick on Save and then run the workflow form this process it will send the invitation code to the contact.

To Provvide Permissons and Rules to Dynamics 365 Portal please refer this link:


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