Knowledge articles in MSCRM 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 comes with a new knowledge management solution. With this new solution, you can quickly turn customer feedback and issues into knowledge articles. For any customer service team, it’s important to give customers the right information at the right time content authoring and update of knowledge articles is enabled in the interactive service hub.

After your administrator sets up knowledge management for your organization, you can search for articles while working on a customer’s case or other records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to give customers accurate and consistent information, with rich knowledge you can spend less time to find the information, this will be uses in issue handling time and increase customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports two knowledge management solutions:

· Native CRM knowledge management:

o This option is available for both CRM Online and on-premises users.

o For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organizations, the native CRM knowledge solution is only available if you've installed the CRM Online 2016 Update.

o For on-premises CRM organizations, this feature is only available if you've updated to CRM 2016.

· Parature knowledge base:

o This option is available only for CRM Online users. This feature was introduced in CRM Online 2015 Update 1.

To know more in details about knowledge article Navigate to service à cases

Open any case record, on the activity wall, click KB records.


You’ll see a list of suggested knowledge articles based on the case title. You’ll also see a short description of the article along with its rating and number of views the article had.


Status: if an article is in draft, approved or published, you can able to see its status before the title.

By seeing the title you can share the article to customer.

Search: you can search the articles using keyword, based on the keywords it will give search results.

Sort results: you can able to select the sort order based on relevance, rating, and number of views or modified date.

Filter Results: you can able to filter the search results to show all draft articles, all approved articles and all published articles.

To see the full content of the article, select the article name link. You’ll be able to see the full content of the article along with images and videos, if the article has any.

Link the KB article to the current case button.

To associate a knowledge article with the current case, select a knowledge article, and then click the Microsoft Dynamics CRM adds the associated knowledge article to the Associated Knowledge Base records section. This association helps customer service managers determine which knowledge articles were effective in resolving cases.


Disassociate KB article record from case:

You can also choose to disassociate the article from the case by clicking the Unlink the KB article from the current record button.


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