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  • Social Pane Activities Sorting Control in Dynamics 365

    With improvement in Dynamics 365 social pane, it is now possible to sort activities. Based on the field Like Due Date, Last updated, Actual end date and Actual Start

    For Example:-

    Here, sorting order can be set according to requirement. Go to Form Editor → Double click on Social Pane.

    In Activities Tab Properties, select Activity Wall tab, as seen in the below screenshot.



    Now you can sort social pane activities in Dynamics 365 based on Actual end, last updated, due date and other parameters as shown in the screenshot below.


    Select the due date and click on OK button and then save the form and publish it. Now the activities will get sort in the order selected, ascending or descending.

    Open the record and the results are as shown below


    If you want the data in ascending order then click on the clip_image010 present in the record.


  • Drupal Integration with Dynamics 365


    • Drupal is an open source software application that makes it possible for non technical users to publish content to a website.
    • Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows organizing, managing and publishing your content.
    • The Content Management System (CMS) is a software which keeps all the data of your content (such as text, photos, music, documents etc.) which will be available on your website. A CMS helps in editing, publishing and modifying the content of the website.


    Why we Use Drupal

    • Drupal provides more number of customizable themes, including several base themes which are used to design your own themes for developing web applications.
    • Easily create and manage many types of Websites.
    • Drupal is open source software hence requires no licensing costs.
    • Drupal can publish your content on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and other social mediums.


    Integrating Drupal with Dynamic CRM

    • Integrate Drupal with our CRM system. Drupal would be the public website/CMS and will need to read/write many, many different types of data from/to our Microsoft CRM
    • Case registering on our website would need to be created as Cases in the CRM
    • Cases created on our CRM would need to be written to the website.


    Drupal Installation

    Installing Drupal in 2 ways

      • Local machine - Using Acquia Dev Desktop
      • Cloud

    Drupal Installation Using Acquia Dev Desktop


    Click on Next button


    Click on Next button


    Click on Next button


    Select Installation Path from Dev Desktop location.


    Click on Next button


    After Finishing Installing of Acquia Dev Desktop Click on Next button


    If you don’t have a Drupal click on I don’t have an existing Drupal site button.


    Select Drupal version and Click on install.


    Click on Finish button


    Click on Local site URL you will see the Drupal site and fill the required data see the Login Page as shown in below fig:


    Technologies Used in Integrate Drupal with Dynamic CRM

      • Web API service
      • HTML
      • JQuery

    Web API Service:

    • web API is an application programing interface (API) between Drupal site and CRM.
    • It supports MVC features
    • If you have an application and you want to expose features in it to other programs, you create an interface (i.e. you expose its features) that can be used by other programs.
    • Using a Web API service get/set the data from CRM.


    • Calling Web API service from JQuery and perform the operations (Get/Set) in Drupal site.


    • Automatic Case Record Creation in CRM when enter the details from site.
    • Create a Case Creation Form in Drupal as shown in below fig.
    • Login to Drupal site à go to Content Create a Basic HTML Page


    • Enter the all details and click on Create button.
    • Calling Web API service From JQuery.
    • Passing required parameters from Web API Service URL.
    • Web API service connecting to CRM service and create that Record in CRM
    • Calling Web API service from JQuery code as shown in below Screenshot.
    • Here data is the parameters of Web API service and URL is the Web API service URL.



    • Hosting Web API Application on IIS.
    • Connecting to CRM service and Create that record using C# code.
    • Prepare the Web API Application and Publish it.
    • Create one site in IIS and Hosting that published application to particular site.
    • Here Case Title , Case Resolution and Customer are parameters



    • Output from Drupal site and Status of the Record. If Record is Created or Failed.



    • Created Record in CRM as shown in below figure.




    • Case Record Status in Drupal site based on Case Number.
    • Create a Complaint Status form in Drupal as shown in below fig.


    • Enter the Case Number and Click on Submit button. You will see the Case Record as shown in below figure:



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