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  • Benefits of Conflict management in TotalServ Pro

    Sometimes conflict in project management is unavoidable. The probability of conflicts in business area in developing the projects is generally high because it involves resources from different backgrounds and knowledge set working together to complete a task. The cause of conflict may arise in projects with overlapping of resources. TotalServ Pro has the effectiveness of avoiding the resource allocation conflicts by using the enhanced features like Top view scheduler and Gantt+scheduler which gives a complete view of resources, their allocated job tasks along with the timelines.

    Benefits of conflict management in TSP

    • With conflict management in TSP it  ensures  that all the resources are utilized  properly.

    • With Top view scheduler, managers can view the allocated resources to the projects at a single glance which in turn avoids the conflicts while manager is assigning resources to new jobs or     existing jobs.

    • TSP resolve conflicts with Gantt+Scheduler which gives a complete picture about resource occupancy for the job tasks and their availability for future requirements. 

    • TSP can effectively resolve conflicts which can lead to a more productive organization as a whole.  

    Conflict Management in TSP explained with Business Scenario 

    Consider an organization “Ruby Rails” has lot of projects lined up for the financial year 2017-2018. Project manager faces the challenge in finding out the idle resources and work schedule of the already engaged resources. It may happen that the project manager may end up loading the already engaged resources and leave out the rest who are available. It results in utter chaos and poor resource management. This is where TSP’s Conflict Management can solve the major issue that organizations like Ruby Rails face today. 

    TSP’s Gantt+Scheduler is an instant graphical representation of job tasks vs. resources with all timelines captured. So, project managers can easily pull up resources based on their availability to assign job tasks. This way project managers can ensure that all of his resources are righteously utilized without wearing them out.    

  • Expense Tracking in a Job using TotalServ Pro

    Expense tracking in TotalServ Pro plays a significant role in expense management. It will keep a track of Income-Expense of a user on a day to day basis. TotalServ Pro allows users to log Expenses for different jobs and Trips, send them for approval, and have them reimbursed by the Organization. Expense tracking offers important features like (Client reimbursement, Attach Receipts) that improve business transparency and customer satisfaction.

    How Expenses are tracked in TotalServ Pro?

    • Easily allocate expenses to projects to enable quick client billing and employee reimbursements.

    • TotalServ Pro keeps track of all expenses you have spent. It also Manage your reimbursable expenses in short span than it takes to go through a stack of paper receipts.

    • Employees can send their expenses for approval to their managers and have them reimbursed for the expenses they have spent while performing any task.

    • In TSP you can attach the receipts of the expenses with drag and drop functionality on expense form there by providing full transparency to clients on the expenses incurred.

    • Expense Tracking in TotalServ Pro is customizable, efficient, and cuts down on operational costs.

  • Job Templates Made Easy to Create Jobs from Sales Flow in TotalServ Pro

    TotalServ Pro capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a more scientific and deterministic way of coming up with the sales estimates by using job templates and associating it towards the estimates for the project. Whether you are working on a single project or multi team project, with TotalServ Pro you can easily add job templates for creating a projects through a sales process that drive productivity and consistency. These job templates simplifies the process of creating a new identical jobs for different clients. It essentially provides insights, guidance and tools that enable salespeople to focus on the right customers and priorities, and build a trusted relationship with customers.


    How Job Templates Made Easy to Create Jobs from Sales Flow in TSP?

    Through Forecasting in Opportunity

    Forecasting in TotalServ pro is an essential feature in an Opportunity and Quote where it gives an overview of estimated hours, estimated cost and Price by using job templates. With job templates it’s been easy to replicate work and create new job with altered work hours and replaced resources at the opportunity sales stage in just a few minutes.

    Creating a job from Quote

    In the opportunity stage once the estimates are derived you can create a quote to the customer. You can create a new job from the quote by using the job templates which are either pre-configured standard job plans or financial estimates common to your organization. By creating your job from the quote, the job is automatically associated with the quote.

    Eventually creating a job from sales process using job templates is a best way to create a steady flow of revenue and profitability.

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