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  • Benefits of Time Tracking in TotalServ Pro

    In today’s fast-paced technologically advanced world, time management is very crucial. Business Time management plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of an organization. MTC has unveiled TotalServ pro which has well established time management system from the upmost to the lowest level so that the ample amount of production is achieved. Time tracking in TSP make it incredibly easy for team leaders and managers to keep track of all ongoing projects in the organization.


    Here are the Benefits of Time Tracking with the TSP Application

    • Time sheets in TSP helps you to determine your employees' work time efficiently. One can record their entries on a daily and weekly basis and get an overview of how much time has been registered on each activity.
    • With TSP’s time tracking software, your project based business can effectively account for project costs, track budget versus actual, and analyze real-time reliable project time and cost information to make timely and sound business decisions.
    • Time postings are routed through an approval process which can be viewed, assessed, and adjusted by managers. Finally, approved time posts are collected to a final review and volume Invoice generation, makes volumes of company’s performed work feel like no work at all to bill your clients timely, accurately, and professionally.
    • TSP time sheets increase control over billable projects which in turn increases project visibility and workforce productivity.
    • TSP time sheets facilitate real-time communication and decision-making and with time tracking it is easy to configure dashboards and extensive reports for financial analysis.
  • Manage Your Time Efficiently with TotalServ Pro Application

    Managing time in Totalserv Pro is an essential feature that has the potential to improve the process of planning work, estimating timelines more accurately, and billing clients with great precision.


    How TSP Helps to Manage Your Time Efficiently?

    TSP leverages advanced Microsoft Technologies to control project timelines, project delivery and project resources. Below are few of the areas where the impact on time could be felt using TotalServ Pro.

    Project Planning

    Project planning is the essential part that requires planning and management in order to achieve a desired outcome. With TotalServ Pro you create and plan projects more efficiently with pre-defined templates, which allow users to quickly view the current project status, including project duration and milestones as the project evolves. This will save tons of your time and helps you to work in an organized manner.

    Assigning Resources

    While assigning a resources project managers get the better visibility in to the resources, based on the availability, cost and skill setwhich is utilized in to the project work. These tools (Gantt scheduler, Top View scheduler, Task board) helps in quickly assigning a resources to a project. Therefore better resource allocation results in better time saving and control on project costs.

    Capture Billable and Non Billable Hours

    Managers doesn’t have to waste their time in identifying the actual spent on a project. With Totalserv Pro users can capture the billable hours and Non Billable Hours. Billable time is the hours you are paid for spent on client project. The Non Billable time is the hours you are not paid for directly spent on performing the tasks. Effective time capturing results in accurate billing and ensures project transparency.

    Billing Better, Clear Invoices

    Seamlessly carry over tracked billable time and expenses into invoices for crystal-clear billing, and rely on automation to get invoices.

  • How TotalServ Pro Billing Software Can Help Your Business Grow?

    TotalServ Pro ties accounting and financial management in to your businesses service operations in real-time offering closed-loop control and analysis of your Job/Project profitability and overall company’s financial growth. Totalserv Pro billing system has the information about invoices, cash receipts and return details. This information guides the sales teams to ensure they are meeting their targets in terms of revenue generation. With the Totalserv pro billing users can get the key information regarding the invoice i.e. (invoice status, last billed date, invoice amount, discount offered, sales tax). This in turn helps the sales representatives to complete their sales cycle.


    How your Business grows using TSP Billing Software?

    • TSP has an integrated billing system so that sales and services representatives does not have to login in two different systems for carrying out their job functions. This will drastically bring down the costs and help them to work in a coordinated fashion.
    • On a single screen, user can create an invoice, calculate sales tax, print or email it, and then post it, so that your customers can pay with equal ease. Apply checks, cash, or credit cards for payments in a simple one step process. Recurring invoices automatically sends invoices to customers.
    • Eventually once the invoice is generated it would hit the accounting system where the general ledger transactions would be created (where the end user can view the debit and credit information for a particular period of time).
    • Totalserv Pro has the highly sophiscated accounting reports where the user can get the the information on the aging of the invoices. The main objective of this reports is end user will have the clear and precise information on the cash flow in the organization which in turn helps in decision making for a user.
    • TSP can prevent lost revenue and lagging billing cycles thereby improving cash flow. Ultimately TSP billing software allow users to integrate appropriate accounting metrics in order to better understand billing operations and, in turn, improve efficiency and profitability.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey


    Customer polling to identify their level of satisfaction with an existing product, and to discover their express and hidden needs and expectations for new or proposed product(s). MTC’s Survey integrates easily with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This lets you maximize workplace efficiency and ensure accuracy of your customer data, helps you to bridge a critical gap in CRM by adding customer satisfaction to your list to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This will allow for more proactive customer service, speedy response rates and you never leave your CRM!

    Integrating customer surveys into existing CRM systems allows for the measurement of the success or failure of every customer interaction, look no further MTC gives you easy to use, the ability to build, configure, and send surveys from within CRM. As soon as a survey responder fills out your survey, responses are instantly collected back in CRM, so you can instantly see your customers’ responses. Set up automatic notifications, so managers can be promptly notified if a low or high rating is received.

    To download the Customer satisfaction Survey please click on this link

    How does it benefit an Organization?

    1. Choose from many different question types, including check box, text box, radio button, dropdown list, date, time, numeric and rating questions

    2. Set surveys regarding any CRM entity, including contacts, leads, or any other CRM entity

    3. Send out surveys manually or automatically

    4. Manually add a survey activity to a CRM record

    5. Manually send a survey to a marketing list of contacts or leads

    6. Manually add a survey by calling a contact or lead, generating a survey and filling out the survey for them on the spot

    7. Automatically send a survey, for example, when an opportunity is closed as won (or lost), when a case is completed, when an order is completed, etc..

    Send Survey When opportunity Lost

    We can customize the CRM Survey as per the requirement. Below are the detail step to send an email to customer with survey when an opportunity lost

    To achieve this write system workflow as shown below.

    Check the conditions like

    · Opportunity contact contains data

    · Contact Email contains data and

    · Opportunity status should be lost


    As the above workflow is on demand you can run this workflow on lost opportunity as shown below.


    Select the workflow and click on Add


    Based on the conditions it will create Survey Activity.

    Upon creation of Survey Activity send survey through Email workflow will be triggered and sends an email to the Opportunity Contact.

    Opportunity contact will receive an email as shown below.


    To get the survey form click on Click here link. Then you will get the Survey form as shown below.


    In this way, you could able to customize the Survey as per the business needs.

  • Setup Email Signature in Dynamics 365

    Using Email Signature feature you could able to create and manage email signatures from the CRM.

    Email Signature is new feature which has been introduced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Version.

    • Email Signatures are only configurable on a per-user basis. What that translates to is that if one user creates an email signature and sets it as their default. For each user, you need to customize the Email signature.
    • Email Signature will not support Dynamics Data fields to get the data from the field.
    • Once the default signature is added to draft email, you could able to edit the signature.
    • To setup an Email Signature for your user account, there will be two ways to create and manage Email Signature.

    Setting up Email Signature from the personal option:

    • Navigate to options –> Set Personal options –> Click on Email Signature tab


    • On Email signature tab click on New tab as shown below:


    • Click on Save for the update.


    Using Email Signature:

    • The second way to set up the Email signature is navigate to settings –> Templates –> Email Signature


    • Once you have given the signature click on save. One user can create multiple signatures. In order to make the signature appear automatically whenever you draft new email, in this case you need to click on Set as Default button.
    • You can revert these option by clicking on the Remove Default button which replaces the set default signature.


    • After setting up the email signature, when you are opening an email activity you could able to see the Email Signature in Draft email as shown below.
    • By clicking on the insert signature button you will see the list of multiple signatures related to user then choose the different signature.


    The recommended way to use the Email signature through Email Template. This is beneficial when it comes to larger CRM deployments, as the Email template allows dynamics data fields. If CRM Deployment contains small amount of users it’s better to use Email Signature feature which is very simple as explained above.

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