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  • My Calendar for Microsoft Dynamic CRM

     My Calendar is a personalized calendar enabling users to stay organized and improve productivity. With a deep set of features which are easy to customize, My Calendar offers a better way to plan ahead with a touch of color.



     Color code your calendar making important events stand out and toggle visibility in Calendar View (Day, Week & Month) and Timeline View (Day, Week & Month).



    Use Case Scenario


     Apart from sprucing up your calendar, MTC’s easy to use ‘My Calendar’ allows Business Users to organize and color code activities like Phone Call, Campaign Activity, Task, Appointment, Fax, Letter and Service Appointments. For any selected activity, the user can choose  from many listed Tooltip Attributes such as Activity Type, Duration, Actual End, etc. to be displayed when they move their cursor over ‘My Calendar’. Users can further color-code selected activities picklist-attributes like Priority, Appointment Type, Status, Status Reason to  have an overview and as well to precisely pin point high priority color coded activities in one glance. Activities could not only be dragged and dropped to another day on My Calendar, but also, drag and extend Activities duration as required. My Calendar could also be  shared by clicking ‘Share URL’ button.


    Key Takeaways

       Personalized calendar helping users to plan ahead and be more organized.
       The ability to create and edit activities straight from your calendar.
       Simple and easy to use functionality.
       Color coded Tooltip Attributes.
       Color coded Picklist Attributes.
       Drag and drop activities across My Calendar.
       Drag and extend activity duration as required.
       Share the calendar when needed with a click.

              For more details Pleasedownload the My caleandar solution from here.

  • Multi-File Uploader for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Multi-File Uploader is a smart MSCRM add-on that allows users and administrators to upload and download multiple files to (and from) any CRM entity which is not possible with CRM Out of box functionality thereby saving significant time and effort.


    The objective of Multi-File Uploader is to simplify the way you want to upload or even download multiple files from any CRM entity. It is very simple to use and saves your many clicks.

    Configure Multi-File Uploader to any CRM entity of your choice. Then Browse, Select and Upload as many files as you want. See all your files listed then and there only.

    Use Case Scenario

    Imagine a situation where your team has to upload multiple files of different formats and different sizes to a CRM entity say for example Account. With the normal Microsoft CRM functionality, you can only upload one file at a time. And it’s needless to say how much effort and time goes into uploading 10-15 files. This is just the case for only one entity i.e., Account. Now think of an instance where you need to upload multiple files to different entities. Definitely, a tiring and unproductive job with normal CRM functionality. For this reason, MTC has come up with a smart MSCRM add-on in the form of Multi-File Uploader.

    Note: Even in situations where you need to download multiple files of * different formats and different sizes * from any CRM entity, Multi-File Uploader will come in handy to you as supported by Microsoft CRM.

    Key Takeaways

    · Upload and Download multiple files to (and from) any CRM entity in a breeze.

    · Supports different file formats (Word, PDF, WinRAR, etc.) and different file sizes

    · Applicable on most CRM entities

    · Easy to configure and use

    · Saves time and effort allowing you to use your team in a meaningful way

    Click here to download the Multi File Uploader to know the functionality.

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